The main thing 'About Me' is that I have had a life passion for flowers of all types, colours and sizes. From the age of eight I had a garden of my own and the pleasure of sowing seeds and seeing them come up and flower gave me such a thrill.   I have now had a few gardens but in the present one have given up on the seed sowing as we are plagued by snails who also experience a thrill when they see seedlings… but only as a source of food.  Therefore the garden is full of well established plants and is full of colour and scent virtually the whole year round.  I try to add some of these flowers to an arrangement to personalise it and make it a little special and perhaps unusual.

My Style

You may be surprised to find you do know what you like

I don’t know anything about flowers! – this is often how conversations with Brides to Be start.


Sometimes the whole flower thing can be overwhelming and that’s where I step in, helping you to make the choice yourself without pushing you into any decision that you might regret later. 


By now you’ve probably got the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses sorted already or if not, you may have a choice in mind and are now faced with deciding what flowers will go well to show off you and your friends dresses to the best advantage.  

You may be surprised to find you do know what you like!

I offer a free consultation and at this stage I can definitely help you to pick out your perfect choice from the huge variety available.  I studied horticulture and am clued up on most types that might not have occurred to you.


We can work together to create the 'aah' factor when your guests first see you arrive in your beautiful dress, complemented by your beautiful bouquets.


We can devise your own Pinterest wedding flower board so that you can use it to look at it at your leisure with other interested parties –  your bridesmaids for example – they may come up with some input that you haven’t thought of as well. 


The selection process can be fun – it’s the part I love almost the best, being able to share the build up with you and working through what you would like and what would suit you and your bridesmaids and of course, not forgetting your mother!   Or,  as maybe, you are the mother and the bride, to talk it through with your family and friends.  


My bouquets and posies are specific to you – not copies of ones I have made before – yours is yours alone.  The flowers will be fresh and varied, not only will your bouquet be seen but it will fill the air with a glorious scent as I usually add some perfumed ones to remind you again and again of your special day especially when you smell the same flower in years to come – the memories will come flooding back!

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